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Its really funny how People use the internet to victimize people , I was a target of this in 2010 to 2012 , however those who knew me new it wasn’t real, they went as far as photo editing photos and documents and posted them on line . The fact is this was all done by two people, One who actually tried to black mail me and said if I didn’t pay him some money he would Make a pile of websites up to destroy my character. Of coarse I never paid him and so he went to work and made a pile rubbish up.

The facts are and are in my book (Adapt and overcome) with certified Government documentation showing just how wild the accusations on the sites were.

Short and Simple

1/I was the Chief Instructor of the Pattaya SWAT for 5 years until my Retirement in 2012

2/I was not convicted of any Crime in relation to SWAT or teaching them. It was purly a pile of bad reporting .

3/I do live in Thailand and have lived here for over 20 years .

4/ I have been the official instructor at the Royal Thai Military School since 1992 and I still am today 2013

5/ It is documented and Signed by both the Governor of Region 2 and the District attorney that there were no charges laid against me as stated on some websites , nor was I in court in relation to this .

6/ My wife and son are shareholders in a company called SureTest Medical Co Ltd , and my involvement is an advisor as their shares are for there future.

A case against these culprits and Black mailer  is currently being prepared in both criminal and civil preceding in Thailand and the USA in relation to the deformation of character  case  .

Currently the person responsible for the Blackmail letter is a Mr Gerald James Eckert Of the USA

The facts are that many like to ride on the coat tail of others misfortune and sometimes alter circumstances to suite their needs , in this case it is purely money.