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Some say only 20 people have completed the 100 man Kumite . In fact many have completed the 100 man and some styles such as Shorin Kempo use the 100 man for its Go Dan or 5 Th Dan which is the grade Judd Reid completed . 

KYOKUSHIN also have 100 man Kumite of which 19 people officially passed under KYOKUSHIN supervision 

1/Masutatsu Oyama (Japan) KYOKUSHIN 
2/ Steve Arneil (UK/South Africa, May 21, 1965)KYOKUSHIN

3/ Tadashi Nakamura (Japan, October 15, 1965)KYOKUSHIN

4/ Shigeru Oyama (Japan, September 17, 1966)(120 in total)KYOKUSHIN

5/ Loek Hollander (The Netherlands, August 5, 1967)KYOKUSHIN

6/ John Jarvis (New Zealand, 1967)KYOKUSHIN

7/ Howard Collins (United Kingdom, December 1, 1972)KYOKUSHIN

8/ Miyuki Miura (Japan, April 13, 1973)KYOKUSHIN

8/ Shokei Matsui (Japan, April 18, 1986)KYOKUSHIN

9/ Ademir da Costa (Brazil, April 25, 1987)KYOKUSHIN

10/ Keiji Sampei (Japan, February 24, 1990)KYOKUSHIN

11/ Akira Masuda (Japan, May 19, 1991)KYOKUSHIN

12/ Kenji Yamaki (Japan, March 22, 1995)KYOKUSHIN

13/ Marius Schoeman (South Africa, March 23, 1996)KYOKUSHIN

14/ Francisco Filho (Brazil, March 22, 1995) KYOKUSHIN

15/ Hajime Kazumi (Japan, March 13, 1999)KYOKUSHIN

16/ Naomi Ali (Australia, July 4, 2004)KYOKUSHIN

17/ Arthur Hovhannisyan (March 29, 2009) KYOKUSHIN

18/ Emmanuel Beaufils, Argentina September 8, 2011.KYOKUSHIN

19/ Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia, April 26, 2014) KYOKUSHIN
Other than these 18 until today 2016 dispite what manysay nobody    else has completed the official KYOKUSHIN 100 man Kumite.

The Shorin Kempo 100 Man Kumite for 5th Dan was completed by Judd Reid and he was awarded the Rank of Shihan by Kancho Sifu McInnes the head of Shorin Kempo Kaikan . In Shorin Kempo .

In the past all Shodans that were Uchidesh from 1979 1996 completed 100 man Kumite of which only 19 passed 

this was changed in 1996 to 50 man Kumite with gloves ,full contact with head punchers Of which very few passed and many said was brutal .

In 2008 until 2016 this was changed to 50 man Kumite similar to the KYOKUSHIN with no gloves or head punches .

The last 100 Kumite of Shorin Kempo was promoted by the WKO ,it was Organized and financed by Kancho Sifu McInnes of Shorin Kempo and held in Osaka in 2011 of which judd Reid was selected by Sifu Kancho ( Reids teacher at the time for 7 years in Thailand ) for his 5 Th Dan in Shorin Kempo . Sifu Kancho prepared Judd Reid personally for the Kumite .

In 2017 two more Shorin Kempo black belts will be selected to complete the 100 man Kumite . 


and until 1990