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As the Kaicho for WKO ( World Kumite Organization), I wish to thank everyone associated with our great organization. The unity in which the WKO is based has bonded us all on the path of Budo. I wish today to pay tribute to a man with a vision. A man who’s open mind has helped unite and bridge the gap between the western world of martial arts and the Japanese people. Together a small group of dedicated masters embarked on a journey that many thought destined to fail. They were wrong!!

We have grown beyond our wildest dreams and show no signs of slowing our pace.

Wko opened a second Hombu Dojo. The first in Pattaya Thailand and the second on the island of Okinawa, the birth place of Japanese karate and Kempo.

Our gaol for 2014 is to:

  1. Increase the number of WKO sanctioned tournament around the world by another 10%
  2. Introduce the KUMITE ENERGY shows which will be full contact fights in dogi with head punches, minimal clinch and 8 oz gloves . This circuit will be a professional fight circuit with prize money . The first of these fights will feature the legend Peter Arts . The first event is October 19th in Osaka
  3. The WKO will launch its Kumite connect merchandise. The sales and profits from the Kumite brand will help fund WKO projects such as camps , international tournaments, the Okinawa Hombu and many more WKO sanctioned projects .
  4. The WKO has already held 2 camps , the first the wko Japanese youth camp , and the first South Pacific WKO camp in Melbourne Australia . Also From May 6th to 11th will be the Okinawa 2014 camp and tournament, along with the WKO Thailand Camp in December 2014
  5. The WKO now charges to join as due to the numbers administration is now a full time job . When Members join and are approved, an invoice is issued for a membership card and a certificate underwriting the persons current certified grade .
  6. The WKO has also introduce a Kumite Connect WKO Identification card which receives points and discounts for the card holders. For Gold Cards that are registered, card holders receive up to 45% discounts in the WKO Website shop and  to black card holders 20%. The card also offers discounts at camps and WKO seminars , and some tournaments.

Around the world

On the 13th April Kancho Sugihara retired from Byakuren to  run the WKO Okinawa Hombu Dojo and Japan WKO full time. He has appointed the new and second Kancho for Byakuren Kaikan , Kancho Kensuke Sugihara his son and as head of Shihans Saiko Minami , Kancho Masayasu Sugihara is now referred to as Soshi Sugihara.

In Africa the WKO Shihans are working hard to unite the full contact and traditional kempo and Karate by promoting camps , seminars and tournaments all under the WKO banner .

We must remember that as we grow we must stay humble yet maintain firm control to secure our future.

I believe that if we as teachers spend our time teaching in our Dojo’s rather than criticizing others on the social media, our Dojo’s will grow and our students will benefit from our time with them and our skill will stay sharp.

As students we are taught to sharpen our tools before we learn to cut… As teachers we should continue to keep our blades sharp so we can demonstrate HOW to cut!!!

Let us as teachers pass on the knowledge we have gained over the years of following the path of Budo and pass this on to the new generation.

Martial arts is our life , so let us live our lives to the fullest…