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opening a dojo . “When you think about opening a dojo and if you believe you follow the path of Budo , the please think about the following 

1/ commitment , a true practitioner of Budo cannot just open a dojo without realizing how it effects lives , once you open your doors , it must stay open for good . What a lot of teachers don realize is that when a student joins , he or she joins for a reason . 99% to achive black belt , so if after running a dojo then 1 year down the track the teacher decides ” oh this is to hard for me” and closes … What happens to the year the young boy who looked up to you a mentor , he has to start all over again and find a new mentor …..

2/ the difference between a teach and an instructor is what ?  Three words . Commitment, reliability and loyalty. Instructors will always look at it as a job , and will come and go or stay where the offer is better , teacher are for life and commited to pass on knowledge for life ….

Which are you .. Can you sacrifice your life and time to be a teacher …that’s what determines if you will be great or not..   

Sifu Kancho