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WKO for the past 10 years has grown from 11 Shihans and 6 Senseis to almost 1000 Shihans and Senseis . The 15 executive Shihans controlling regions around the world . This worked in most regions as The WKO Representitives worked vigorously to promote the growth of the WKO in their regions . The WKO has always supported those that have supported our growth . Japan has had the highest growth rate and each year continues to grow  under the guidance of Soshi Sugihara , The WKO will be appointing new executive members to the board and in some cases where regions there will be more that Representitive appointed to help boost no performing regions or those with small growth or no growth . The WKO ID card system gave us a clear indication as to the real support regions and members around the world . By using this data we will be appointing key new executive to the board to help boost the growth in those effected regions with low growth. Nomination for New Shihans will be based on their ability to administer , organize and promote growth with non biest methods . 

These Shihans will be awarded thier position to the board at the 2016 Kumite .